1. Get an email list of the vehicles that will be auctioned in that evening’s auction. You can sign up here or call the office at 804-796-6556 any time after 4:00 pm.
  2. Figure out which vehicles are the best candidates for you. You’ll want to consider mileage on the vehicle, as well as fuel efficiency of that make and model. Also important: automatic transmission (automatic) or manual transmission (4 speed or 5 speed, stick or column).
  3. Be financially prepared to buy. A deposit of 25% of the purchase price is required on all purchases the day of the sale. Balances on contracts are due within two business days of purchase. Payment options include Cash, Money Order, Cashier’s Checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
  4. Arrive early enough to inspect the vehicle you want and view other vehicles that may have arrived late.
  5. Park in the back lot. Go past the restaurant near the front auction lot and turn down the side street. You can park in the back lot and walk directly to the vehicles that will be sold in lanes A and B.
  6. Go into the Southside Virginia Auto Auction office and get the auction list of vehicles for sale for the auction. The list gives important details about each vehicle, as well as the lane in which it will be auctioned. Pick up a copy of the Rules and Regulations which shows the schedule of buyer fees, a percentage of the highest bid price that you will owe when paying for the vehicle.
  7. View and inspect the vehicles you’re interested in.Auction items for lanes A and B (see the Auction List) will be parked in the back lot. Items for Lane D are parked in the front lot. Currently, no vehicles are being auctioned in Lane C. Remember that all purchases are “as is” and no guarantees or warranties are included, so check the odometer, the body, the interior, and look under the hood. Read any messages posted on the vehicle.
  8. Be prepared for a fast-paced auction. Southside Virginia Auto Auction moves a large volume of autos in only 90 minutes in multiple lanes. Many cars are sold in just a few minutes. Make sure you’re near the action in the appropriate lane. Raise your hand and call out your bid loud enough for the auctioneer to hear it.
  9. Get familiar with the “Light System” that is standard procedure in auto auctions. While a vehicle in being auctioned, a colored light is illuminated for vehicles that do not have the title ready or have a known defect or some other issue that bidders need to know. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations on this website and available from the auction office to learn more about the system.
  10. Most vehicles have a “RESERVE” or minimum purchase amount. Don’t expect to buy a late model car for $500! Most cars have a “reserve” or minimum purchase price set by the owner. If the price isn’t met, the vehicle is often presented for the next auction.

Our auctions are in the evening but don’t be “in the dark.” If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask our experienced auction personnel. We strive to offer the best service and the best deals.

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